strength [ streŋθ ] noun ***
▸ 1 physical power/energy
▸ 2 ability to achieve something
▸ 3 power of particular type
▸ 4 something someone does very well
▸ 5 amount of influence
▸ 6 size of group needed
▸ 7 amount of something in something
▸ 8 ability to last long
▸ 9 value of money
▸ 10 force of wind/water
▸ 11 amount of light, etc.
1. ) uncount the physical energy that someone has to lift or move things:
I didn't have the strength to get out of bed.
He's working on building up his upper body strength.
a ) count or uncount the ability of something to support a force or weight without breaking:
Calcium is needed for bone strength.
We have several cardboard boxes of different strengths.
strength of: Test the strength of the rope.
2. ) uncount the ability to achieve something, even in a difficult situation:
strength of: He has terrific strength of character.
the strength to do something: We need someone who has the inner strength to take on a difficult job.
3. ) uncount power in a military, political, or economic situation:
military strength
strength of: the strength of the economy
4. ) count something that someone does very well: ABILITY:
Ron's main strength is his ability to motivate his players.
strengths and weaknesses: The test is used to determine someone's strengths and weaknesses.
5. ) uncount the amount of influence that a person or group has:
Don't underestimate the opposition's strength.
a show of strength by the militants
Johnson had steered himself into a position of strength.
strength of: the strength of public opinion
6. ) count or uncount the size of a group of people needed to achieve something:
full strength (=with everyone present): The military force numbered 14,000 at full strength.
under/below strength (=lacking some important members): With the injuries our team is under strength at the moment.
in strength (=in large numbers): Local people turned out in strength to support us.
a ) strength in depth if a team has strength in depth it has a lot of good extra players it can use when necessary:
The B-side's emphatic victory illustrated Australia's strength in depth.
7. ) count or uncount the amount of a substance in a food, drink, medicine, etc.:
an extra-strength painkiller
coffees of different strengths
8. ) uncount the ability to last for a long time:
strength of: The strength of our relationship depends on resolving these outstanding trade issues.
9. ) uncount the value of one country's money compared to the money of other countries:
strength of: the strength of the dollar against the euro
10. ) count or uncount the speed or force of wind or water:
winds of varying strengths
strength of: The strength of the current makes swimming dangerous at this beach.
11. ) uncount the amount of light, heat, sound, etc. that comes from something:
strength of: the strength of the sun's rays
the strength of her voice
give me strength SPOKEN
used for saying that you feel annoyed about something
on the strength of
based on what you saw, heard, experienced, etc.:
I heard their new single, and on the strength of that I bought the CD.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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